SDH and Delta Moon: Atlanta’s 99X Unplugged In The Park Series

1 Jun

Delta Moon and Some Dark Holler at the Park Tavern

May 31, 2012

by Chris Martin for The Examiner

fter a weekend of doing whatever it is you like to do on the weekend, what better way to draw it to a close and get ready for the upcoming work week than a night of killer tunes. Once again the 99X Unplugged in the Park series is taking place at the Park Tavern in Piedmont Park and this Sunday night June 3rd, Atlanta’s Delta Moon will be jamming their dirty soulful blues for anyone who wants to come listen.

Delta Moon has been out on tour supporting their latest album Black Cat Oil. Chock full of nasty guitar riffs, gruff vocals and powerful lyrics it is some of their best work as a band. Led by the guitar playing of Tom Gray and Mark Johnson the Atlanta blues band need to be experienced live. Their albums are damn good but live and in your face is where they thrive. Whether a theatre, a small club or outside where they will be playing Sunday, they always sound good.

Joining them for a night of music is Alabama’s Some Dark HollerChris Porter and Helen Gassenheimer deliver dark southern songs touching on subject matter such as drugs, drankin’ and southern life. Their songs are anchored by Porter’s gravely vocals and energetic guitars and complemented perfectly by Gassenheimer’s sweet voice and fiddle playing. They will be playing tunes from their debut self titled EP which you can download for free here. You get two chances to catch them because they will also be playing at the Old Crow in Sandy Springs on Saturday night June 2nd.

Get all your yard work done, get the family time out of the way then get your ass down to the Park Tavern and check out Delta Moon and Some Dark Holler. Things kick off around 7pm with the band Seven Handle Circus so get their early grab a cold one and get ready to enjoy some killer music.

WHO: Delta Moon, Some Dark Holler, Seven Handle Circus
WHERE: The Park Tavern
WHEN: Sunday, June 3rd at 7pm


Some Dark Holler to play at Vinyl with the Mastersons & Ocha La Rocha

11 Jan

by Chris Martin for The Examiner

January 11, 2012

Another weekend approaches and more great music keeps rolling through Atlanta. It is already Wednesday so you better finalize your plans for Saturday night. My call would be to get to Vinyl and check out Some Dark Holler (SDH).

SDH consists of Alabamians Chris Porter & Helen Gassenheimer. Porter plays guitar and handles most of the vocals while Helen jams a mean fiddle and adds some sweet vocal harmonies. Their songs are rich stories dealing with life in the south, touching on drugs, death, love and religion. They paint vivid pictures with their lyrics and music hammered home by the perfect contrast of Porter’s gravelly howl and Helen’s beautiful soft voice.

Live, they put on one hell of a show. The two work well together and their interaction with each other as well as the crowd adds to the experience. They will be jamming tunes from their debut EP, Some Dark Holler, as well as some other musical treats.

SDH will be opening for two great acts. Atlanta’s Ocha La Rocha will bring their brand of “cosmic Americana” to the stage shortly after SDH. If you have never seen Ocha live, you need to because they are pretty good. Headlining will beThe Mastersons, the duo of Chris Masterson (Son Volt) and Eleanor Whitmore. The pair offer up sweet melodic tunes with a bit of a dark side.

So, grab some dinner, maybe a few cocktails then get to Vinyl for a Saturday night of killer tunes. Get their early so you can enjoy Some Dark Holler. I guarantee you will enjoy their music and that they will get you jacked for the bands to follow.

WHO: Some Dark Holler, Ocha La Rocha, The Mastersons
WHERE: Vinyl
WHEN: Saturday, January 14th, 8pm

SDH performing with The Mastersons!

10 Jan

Fri. January 13 @ Moonlight on The Mountain in Birmingham, AL!

Sat. January 14 @ Vinyl in Atlanta, GA!

Some Dark Holler is pleased to announce they’ll be supporting The Mastersons on a couple of upcoming shows.

More about The Mastersons: 

There’s no harmony quite like that of two people in love—not only with each other but with the music they share.

 The Mastersons formed in 2006 but have collectively spent more than a lifetime (six decades) making and performing music. Both children of musical families in Texas, they were handed instruments before they could walk. Eleanor, a cracker-jack violin. Chris, a guitar. The universe so picking their fates that 20 odd years later, backstage at a festival, lighting would strike. They were fans of each other’s music before they were anything else.

For two youngsters, the list of artists they’ve performed with is staggering: Steve Earle, Son Volt, Diana Ross, Regina Spector, Angus and Julia Stone, Allison Moorer, Kelly Willis, Bruce Robison, Shooter Jennings, Hank Williams III, Bobby Bare Jr. and Jack Ingram. That’s just getting started.

 But one spin of Birds Fly South and you’ll understand why. The talent—abundant. The appeal—obvious. They deliver the magic in the form of rootsy, melodic, twangy, pop songs. Eleanor’s whimsy meeting Chris’ angular guitar playing. Their two voices tangled throughout.  The result? Supernatural voodoo, yet it’s astonishingly simple. Dark words dressed in bright melodies. The music is organic and down to earth while some of the characters in the songs could benefit from prozac.

 It’s honest. It’s sincere. It might just melt your heart.

The Examiner Reviews SDH’s Debut Recording!

29 Nov

Some Dark Holler Unleash Debut EP Packed Full Of Darkness And Despair

Chris Martin
Atlanta Live Music Examiner
November 28, 2011
From the charred ashes of the Back Row Baptists rises Chris Porter’s latest musical incarnation, Some Dark Holler. Known for deep dark song writing, his tunes exemplify “Southern Gothic”. His partner in crime this time around is one Helen Gassenheimer, one bad ass fiddle player with a beautiful southern voice that is the perfect complement to Porter’s gravely guttural howl. Their debut offering is a self-titled EP with 6 tunes full of stories drawn from the deepest darkest hollows of Porter’s mind.
Each song on this album stands out on its own, but the six together make each one that much stronger. They feed off of each other as you listen to the EP. Full of subject matter stripped from Southern rural life, the songs weave stories about mourning loved ones (“Abigail”), using booze to dull the pain (“Sweet Red Wine”), accepting bad choices made (“Cry For Me”) and choosing to not follow your family down disastrous paths (“Cottonmouth”). With each spin it is evident that two songs stand out above the pack of great tunes. One such song is “Pills And Kerosene”, which spins a story about choosing meth as the only option to survive, a tale all too common in the South. The other is the albums first track,“Purple Hearts”. Weaving multiple stories, from different perspectives, this song deals with how people are directly affected by war and its consequences.There is nothing fancy about this album. Some Dark Holler gives the listener 6 songs that are raw, emotional stories that open a window into a dark side of life in the South. They pull no punches and lay it all out for the listener to digest. Give this EP a spin, it is a good listen.

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Some Dark Holler releases debut recording on This Is American Music!

21 Nov

Get the album free here…

Some Dark Holler

Handmade American Music

Rising once again from the Iron City of Birmingham, Alabama, former Back Row Baptist bandleader Chris Porter has partnered with singer/ fiddler extraordinaire Helen Gassnheimer to produce their debut EPCD Some Dark Holler.

Some Dark Holler pride themselves on not being an ordinary, run of the mill, grassroots band. Their uniquely Southern songs are poignant and dark; but that’s what the band calls “keeping it real”.  “My tunes are about as dark as they come.  It’s not all pretty and sunny down here and my songs are going to end the way they have to end.  As a songwriter I’m not scared to write about death, and as a Southerner I’m not scared to speak my mind,” says front man Chris Porter.

Press –

Chris Martin, The Examiner 8/29/11… “Chris Porter’s Some Dark Holler hit the stage belting out a powerful set of tunes chock full of great lyrics and foot stomping music. Porter’s gravely howl was beautifully backed by his savage attack on an acoustic guitar, Helen Gassenheimer’s angelic voice & sweet fiddle playing and some thumping stand up bass from Eric Onimus. “Cottonmouth”“Kerosene and Pills”and a sweet rendition of “I’m On Fire” (Springsteen) anchored their set, and were mere appetizers to tide you over until their debut album comes out.”

porter - helen by wes frazer

The Examiner Reviews SDH at Park Tavern, Atlanta

30 Aug

Kevn Kinney, Some Dark Holler and Ken Will Morton at the Park Tavern
by Chris Martin for The Examiner

August 29, 2011

If you did not partake in the rock show at the Park Tavern last night, then shame on you. If you did, then you know what I am talking about. Sunday night the Kevn Kinney BandSome Dark Holler and Ken Will Morton treated the crowd to a night of mighty fine rock, country and folk tunes.

Anchoring the night was the Kevn Kinney Band, out promoting Kevn’s new record A Good Country Mile. I have seen several incarnations of the Kevn Kinney Band, and this foursome may be the best by far. Kevn’s raw vocals & guitar, Tim Nielsen’s thumping bass, Anton Fier’s powerful drumming and icing on the cake, Audley Freed’s nasty guitar. You add these four dudes together and it equals what we had last night, a night of loud in your face rock music. Jamming through tunes from the new album, “Challenge”“Set In Stone”“A Good Country Mile” and “Wild Dog Moon, Pt.2”, classics, “Honeysuckle Blue” and “Straight To Hell” and great versions of the Replacements “Here Comes The Regulars” and“Highway 316 Revisited” (a take on Bob Dylan), their sound exploded in your ears resulting in the sweet pain of good music crawling deep into your head. Highlighting the set had to be the all out jam fest of “Blues On Top of Blues”. Auldey and Kevn played off of each other’s guitar playing, leading to some pretty sweet solos and jamming. It would have been nice to see what else would have been pulled out of their bag of tricks if “The Man” hadn’t shut things down. Damn noise ordinances.

Before the KKB rocked the house, Chris Porter’s Some Dark Holler hit the stage belting out a powerful set of tunes chock full of great lyrics and foot stomping music. Porter’s gravely howl was beautifully backed by his savage attack on an acoustic guitar, Helen Gassenheimer’s angelic voice & sweet fiddle playing and some thumping stand up bass from Eric Onimus. “Cottonmouth”“Kerosene and Pills” and a sweet rendition of “I’m On Fire” (Springsteen) anchored their set, and were mere appetizers to tide you over until their debut album comes out. Also, the fishbowl fortunes were a nice touch.

Kicking off the night was Athens’ Ken Will Morton. Having listened to Ken’s music over the past few years I never have had the chance to see him live, and I have been missing out. His trio rolled through a collection of tunes from his multiple albums. A great start for the evening of music.

The Park Tavern set up was pretty sweet. Under a big tent, a nice breezy evening, good crowd, beers flowing, not much better ways to partake in some sweet music. If you dig good music, then check out all three of these artists and support their music, you will not be disappointed. Oh yeah, shame on all of you for not going, you missed one hell of a night of music.

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Welcome to the Some Dark Holler website!

12 Aug

We’re so damn happy you found us! Stay tuned for news, tour dates, tunes and more!

Much thanks from Porter and Helen.