Album Review: Some Dark Holler

20 Aug

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Some Dark Holler Photo by: Wes Frazer

Genre: Americana

Our take: The name of this Birmingham, Alabama, duo says a lot about the tone of the album. We like to imagine these songs were written around a fire next to a moonshine still in Depression-era Appalachia. Through Helen Gassenheimer’s haunting vocals and Chris Porter’s gritty outlaw Southern drawl, Some Dark Holler transports the listener to a simpler time and place where salt of the earth folks sang about life’s hardships to purge the day’s worries. The sound of steel and fiddle set an eerie tone for the life-threatening “Owl Creek Bridge,” but Some Dark Holler uses those same instruments to make inviting sounds with foot stomps and harmonies in “Sweet Red Wine.” This album of genuine Southern “Handmade American” music is a great listen for “old souls” who swoon when a steel guitar echoes in the background of a sad and hopeful ballad (listen to “Everybody’s Devil”).

(Side note: if you like this album want more, the band hits the road quite often, and you can also check out Chris Porter’s former band The Back Row Baptists for more of his poignant and danceable songwriting.)

Verdict: Love


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