Some Dark Holler to play at Vinyl with the Mastersons & Ocha La Rocha

11 Jan

by Chris Martin for The Examiner

January 11, 2012

Another weekend approaches and more great music keeps rolling through Atlanta. It is already Wednesday so you better finalize your plans for Saturday night. My call would be to get to Vinyl and check out Some Dark Holler (SDH).

SDH consists of Alabamians Chris Porter & Helen Gassenheimer. Porter plays guitar and handles most of the vocals while Helen jams a mean fiddle and adds some sweet vocal harmonies. Their songs are rich stories dealing with life in the south, touching on drugs, death, love and religion. They paint vivid pictures with their lyrics and music hammered home by the perfect contrast of Porter’s gravelly howl and Helen’s beautiful soft voice.

Live, they put on one hell of a show. The two work well together and their interaction with each other as well as the crowd adds to the experience. They will be jamming tunes from their debut EP, Some Dark Holler, as well as some other musical treats.

SDH will be opening for two great acts. Atlanta’s Ocha La Rocha will bring their brand of “cosmic Americana” to the stage shortly after SDH. If you have never seen Ocha live, you need to because they are pretty good. Headlining will beThe Mastersons, the duo of Chris Masterson (Son Volt) and Eleanor Whitmore. The pair offer up sweet melodic tunes with a bit of a dark side.

So, grab some dinner, maybe a few cocktails then get to Vinyl for a Saturday night of killer tunes. Get their early so you can enjoy Some Dark Holler. I guarantee you will enjoy their music and that they will get you jacked for the bands to follow.

WHO: Some Dark Holler, Ocha La Rocha, The Mastersons
WHERE: Vinyl
WHEN: Saturday, January 14th, 8pm


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