The Examiner Reviews SDH’s Debut Recording!

29 Nov

Some Dark Holler Unleash Debut EP Packed Full Of Darkness And Despair

Chris Martin
Atlanta Live Music Examiner
November 28, 2011
From the charred ashes of the Back Row Baptists rises Chris Porter’s latest musical incarnation, Some Dark Holler. Known for deep dark song writing, his tunes exemplify “Southern Gothic”. His partner in crime this time around is one Helen Gassenheimer, one bad ass fiddle player with a beautiful southern voice that is the perfect complement to Porter’s gravely guttural howl. Their debut offering is a self-titled EP with 6 tunes full of stories drawn from the deepest darkest hollows of Porter’s mind.
Each song on this album stands out on its own, but the six together make each one that much stronger. They feed off of each other as you listen to the EP. Full of subject matter stripped from Southern rural life, the songs weave stories about mourning loved ones (“Abigail”), using booze to dull the pain (“Sweet Red Wine”), accepting bad choices made (“Cry For Me”) and choosing to not follow your family down disastrous paths (“Cottonmouth”). With each spin it is evident that two songs stand out above the pack of great tunes. One such song is “Pills And Kerosene”, which spins a story about choosing meth as the only option to survive, a tale all too common in the South. The other is the albums first track,“Purple Hearts”. Weaving multiple stories, from different perspectives, this song deals with how people are directly affected by war and its consequences.There is nothing fancy about this album. Some Dark Holler gives the listener 6 songs that are raw, emotional stories that open a window into a dark side of life in the South. They pull no punches and lay it all out for the listener to digest. Give this EP a spin, it is a good listen.

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